Soma and Sense

Soma and Sense


Start Date 4/28/19

These experiments are in writing process. Each follows symbols you encounter through your sensing body. Somatic experiences hold imagery and stories. We all have different modalities that are strongest in our imaginations and psyches. Our individual and collective poetics can show up in the ways we dream. One sense may be stronger for you than another, like smell or taste, and carry your memory and imagination far (as Marcel Proust explored). Some senses are earlier than others like smell and hearing. Shamans journey and experience extraordinary reality in different sensory modalities. Some people hear a voice to write, and others find their process in images, or rhythms. And, working in more than one heightened sensory field can deepen your process. Of course poetry can include all of the senses. The interesting thing is that it hasn’t. In Western culture seeing has been the most valued sense, even in poetry. These experiments will help you begin to notice your tendencies and also encounter what is available in those other less dominant (vibrating) sources of your imagination.

Week 1: Soma, or places in the body

Week 2: Seeing and seeing again

Week 3: Listening here and there

Week 4: Quantum touch

Week 5: Smell and memory

Week 6: Thinking as movement

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