Dislocations: Writing Body

Dislocations: Writing Body


Start Date: 6/23/19

Whenever we imagine beyond the body we create a new body. These are experiments in writing as creating a new body. They’re called Dislocations and might also be called Relocations. Point of view and character are dislocations in this sense. But what we’re imagining in these experiments goes further. What if all time and space were collapsed into the moment and available to consciousness. Where would you stand, and what would you see in that different range of possibilities. Who would you talk to? What would writing become? In this matrix of identities and bodies what would you know suddenly about the world we live in? What would technology or the internet, other extensions of our bodies, look like? What would be different?

Week 1: Dislocations in time: history as self

Week 2: Dislocations in space: out of body, out of place

Week 3: Dislocations in size: longing

Week 4: Dislocations in species: who are we

Week 5: Dislocations in words: found poems

Week 6: The Dislocation of Art: art to art

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