Equine Gestalt Workshops

Equine Gestalt Workshops


I partner with horses to enhance your personal growth through poetry. For me, poetry is kinesthetic. I feel it in my body as energy and form. Horses are poets and coaches by nature. They read our energy and seek to heal us. They communicate with us by relating to our authentic emotions and our inner rhythms. When we respect their sentience and intuition they teach us about our own. They are listening for our authentic voices and experiences.

You do not need any prior experience with horses to work with this method. Join the email list to be notified of where and when we are working with horses. The Gestalt method of coaching prepares you to bring your authentic self to work with the horses. They in turn bring their presence, their clairsentience and the equine instinct to heal and connect. Working alongside horses can awaken your instincts and intuition more deeply.

I welcome the opportunity to design workshops for groups of women. I am also available to work with you and your horses.

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