o brave new world

Hello reader. I am imagining you. There are so many times I could not have existed without being imagined or imagining an other. Thank you for being here.

In this series of poetic posts I want to keep writing about the "body of the poem," which I understand as the poem's form that becomes form in my reading body. I am responding to what form says and creates in poetry.

We are at a moment in the history of poetry when poets are free to use forms from the past and free to create our own. At the same time as a species among species on this planet we are suspicious of forms and stranded without the ones we haven't found. 

Poetry has always generated new forms and new sensibilities. Poetry is a creative process that doesn't make money. Neither has it become extinct. My work here is to gather rather than hunt down thoughts about creative forms for the unknown. 

Brigid Yuknavitch